Gabby was adopted!

Happy Tail! This loving family lost their girl dog recently and they, and their boy Max, were so terribly sad. Further, sweet Max is blind and he seemed very desolate and lost without his sighted sister. Along came Gabby to fill the void! This little girl is a puppy mill survivor, thus timid, so needed a special family. Well, she found it!! Her new mom and dad love her and are patiently showing her how wonderful life can be. And she and Max are becoming good friends and he’s visibly happier and more confident. Don’t you just love a happy beginning?! 🐶💕

ps: fun bonus was being part of the happy tail photo when Gabby’s aunt came to take photos. Woot!!

Charlie & Nikki were adopted!

Double Happy Tail!! Charlie and Nikki came into rescue together, along with an older girl. The older girl had a pretty serious cancer removed and is happily living with a forever foster mom. We needed to keep these two girls together though, so another foster family provided several months of love and care for them. Then a family saw their photos on the Facebook page and fell in love, and the happy ending was complete. All three girls are living the good life now 💕 Happy dance!!! 🎉🐶🐶🐶

Lola was adopted!

Happy Tail! Lola came to us at the end of the summer and this cute girl lingered in rescue longer than we expected. Then a foster family who had taken a little break called and asked for a new charge. We took Lola over for a visit and she hit it off from the start. It wasn’t long before they realized that Lola was the girl for them. So from foster to foster awesome it was!! Yippee!!! 🎉🐶💕

Pepper was adopted!

Happy Tail! Remember the little girl who came in with the broken pelvis? Pepper had likely been hit by a car before she was brought to a rural shelter. Unfortunately the injury was too old for a full blown repair surgery to be done by the time she came to us, but with many weeks of crate rest and physical therapy, she regained great mobility. Then her new family saw her photos and fell in love! So this sweet young puppy has an amazing family and a baby human sister to grow up with. Woohoo!!! Such a happy ending 🎉💕🐶

Rachel was adopted!

Happy Tail Continuing the happy adoption stories, today we celebrate Rachel (now Roxy) who landed in her dream home. Along with a wonderful mom who adores her, she also has a sweet fur sister, Lulu, who is helping show her the ropes. It’s all awesomeness from here on out!! 🎉💓🐶

Noel was adopted!

Happy Tail! To conclude the good news about Mimi’s puppies, Noel (now named Maisy) also found her happily ever after on Christmas Eve. Looks like all involved got the best gift – true love. 💕 Have a great life Maisy!!

Duke was adopted!

Happy Tail! It’s Thursday, so we deserve a double happy tail day! This morning we shared Mimi’s adoption story, so let’s tell you about her little boy puppy, Duke (now named Carl), who got just what he wanted for Christmas – an amazing mom and dad, and an adorable beagle sister. Hurray for Carl!! 💕🐶

Mimi was adopted!

Happy Tail! Sweet Mimi, who came to us with her 3 puppies, found her perfect forever home where she gets to be the baby now. 😃 She can check parenthood off the list and get on with being a happy go lucky youngster herself! Happy schnoodle dance…..🎉

Sparky was adopted!

Happy Tail! Sparky’s former owner agonized about surrendering him, but she finally decided that this young fellow needed someone who wasn’t gone such long days leaving him alone and not as active as he deserved. He quickly landed in his new home where he’s getting so much attention and having lots of adventures. A happy ending….💕

McGruff was adopted!

Happy Tail! A very special family recently adopted a very special senior. McGruff, now called Will, found himself wandering stray and then at a Colorado shelter at an advanced age and quite emaciated. He started his rehab in a foster home that specializes in elderly doggies, then these former adopters, who had recently lost another fragile senior they’d adopted from us, saw him and that was all it took. His mom wrote: “We will get there. He will get stronger. We will get well together. We will name him Will.”

Will is home! 💕💕💕