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Macy was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️This little senior citizen arrived in rescue in pretty rough shape. She had untreated dry eye, so her sight had been damaged, and her poor little paws were infected from foxtails that had burrowed in. Her spirit was undamaged though! When her new family saw her sweet face, they fell in love. 💕 Macy has joined a wonderful new mom and dad, and gets two sweet fur siblings who were puppy mill survivors adopted from National Mill Dog Rescue. Her family is madly in love with her….woohoo!! 🐶🎉

Simon was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Simon, now called Reece, didn’t know a lot about family and love before he found his wonderful forever family. Now he’s having a blast and getting very confident. Happy dance for Reece and family!! 🎉🐶😄

Adopt Yuri: a fun lover

Yuri is a larger Mini at just over 25 pounds, but he is a bundle of love! He is around 4 years old with wavy gray fur and a natural tail. He gets along well with other dogs in his foster home and at doggie daycare, and would love to have a companion to play …


Cooper was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Cooper, now named Zeno, has found a wonderful new forever home. He has a super fun younger doggie brother named Archie, along with parents and two human brothers. He’ll never be without attention and love. Hurray for Zeno and family!! 🐶💕🎉

Adopt Milo: an active youngster

Milo is a super active 1 year old Miniature Schnauzer with natural ears and a tail. He weighs about 16 pounds and is pure muscle! He was found running as a stray, but is a happy energetic dog. He loves to run around and explore his fenced in backyard and enjoys playing at daycare with …


Lisa was adopted!

Lisa, now named Izzy, was a bit of a hot mess when she arrived in rescue from a local shelter. You couldn’t really tell what she looked like she was so matted and overgrown. A gentle grooming from a wonderful volunteer uncovered a pretty little mini. A family saw her and fell hard for that little face, and she was quickly on her way to her forever home where she will always feel love from here on out. Happy dance for sweet Izzy and her new family! 🎉🐶💕

Franny & Walter were adopted!

❤️ Happy Tails! ❤️ Next up are these sweet Bichon siblings who recently sneaked into the schnauzer rescue. These young pups were rescued from a hoarding situation where they were kept in small cages. A friend who has an older bichon offered immediately to foster these pups for us. She came along to the transport to whisk them to a calm comfy home with a wonderful grassy back yard. The puppies ran and rolled in the grass and had such a great romp. Their foster arranged for them to be bathed and groomed the next day and two bright white adorable doggies emerged. Well, a foster “awesome” was happening and their fosters have now become “forevers”! So Franny and Walter join big brother Rocco, and a mom, dad, and human sister, and their life will be nothing but amazing from here on out. Happy dance!!! 🎉😊🐶💕