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Adopt Macy: an cute little retiree

Macy is a sweet little white mini who is looking for a comfortable retirement home. She was surrendered by her owner to a shelter in southern New Mexico. They found that she had goathead stickers in all four paws that actually had to be surgically removed. She also has a condition called dry eye, which …


Schnitzel was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Little Schnitzel (now named Rey) quickly found a wonderful family, including a human brother and a doggie friend, to call her own! She’s come a long way from the shelter and will never be alone again. 💕🐶

Begley was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Begley came into rescue with a mouth full of bad teeth, he ended up losing 19 of them during his cleaning, but boy did he feel better afterwards! He is the sweetest boy and was even cuter with his funny canines-only toothy grin. Well, a lovely couple who have adopted from us before saw that cute face, and awesome ears, and knew he was the one. This boy is starting a great new life! 🎉

Thumper was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ The little bichon who sneaked into the schnauzer rescue has found an awesome new home where he gets his very own 2-legged brother, a mom, a grandma, and a schnauzer sibling. Thumper hit the jackpot for sure! Yippee!!! 🎉

Woodrow was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ It didn’t take long for everyone to see what a wonderful gentleman Woodrow was, so he quickly found his perfect forever home. He has a loving mom and dad, a very cute canine sister, AND a doggie door into a great yard where he can patrol for squirrels to his hearts content. We are so happy for Mr. W!! 🐶🎉😊

Honey was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Honey boy (on the left) wasn’t in rescue for more than a couple of hours before these former adopters met him and fell head over heels with this sweet, gentle boy. So they adopted him on the spot! Their pretty girl, Sadie, had recently lost her older brother and was quite desolate, but you should have seen her perk up when Honey visited. And she can bark a certain way and Honey sits right down, so she gets to remain the bossy sister. Hahaha!! Happy Friday everyone!! 🐶😊🎉

Adopt Precious: a fun go-getter

Precious is a sweet little gray 7 year old female schnauzer who would like to find a comfortable forever home. She was relinquished by her owner because she could no longer afford to keep her. Precious is currently in a lovely home where her foster mom is working on helping her lose some weight. She …