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Help dogs, eat and chat with us at Schnautoberfest 2016!

The event page is up! Woohoo! Tickets will be available at the event – $25 gets you your first pint, a taco or two from the neighboring yummy restaurant, and an event keepsake. Donations also cheerfully

Our August vet bill alone was over $6,000, so we are excited to see how our first foray into hosting a fundraiser goes, and with everyone’s generous help, we can keep rescuing so many little doggies in need. 

Big Max was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Max is a gorgeous standard schnauzer who came into rescue after his family experienced a divorce and he moved into a small town home. He is an active young guy and needed much more freedom and activity, so the family contacted us. Well, we just so happened to have an application already on the top of our pile of a family looking for a larger dog to go on hikes and adventures with. Voila! A match was made and Max was in rescue for approximately 48 hours before he joined his new family in a great new life! Yippee!!! 🎉🐶💕

Precious was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Precious spent time with a wonderful foster family where she enjoyed long walks and chilling out. Precious is really the sweetest girl around, so when her new family saw her they knew she was the one. The family had lost their other doggie a few months earlier and were ready to bring another dog into their home and hearts. She has been renamed Dora by her new family – short for Adorable, or maybe Dora the Explorer since she gets lots of walks every day – so seems that the perfect match was made! Yay for Dora!!! 🎉💕🐶

Bradley was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Bradley had a rough life before he came into rescue. He was saved from a hoarding situation, and came missing part of his leg. But this sweet little guy never stopped smiling, and his new family saw that sweet face and fell in love. And the rest was…. happily ever after…🐶💕

Wally was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Wally spent some time in a wonderful foster home where he showed what a great little doggie he is. A family who applied to adopt a while back, and who were just waiting for the right match, saw him and contacted us to meet him. Well, it was obvious pretty quickly that Wally was the guy. He followed his new people everywhere they went during our visit! So he’s now got two great humans, an adorable furry sister, and even a pretty birdie that make interesting squeaky noises to help entertain everyone. Happy endings are the best!! 🐶🎉💕

Adopt Charlie: an active parti-goer

Charlie is a 6.5 year old liver and white parti colored mini schnauzer who is looking for “forever” home. He was surrendered by his owners due to a divorce and subsequent move. They said that he had always been a “high energy” dog. His foster mom notes that he likes to follow her around the …


Adopt Rachel: an active foodie

Rachel is a 12 pound bundle of fun with an active puppy temperament! She is about 2 years old and loves to play with other dogs and wander around her fenced in backyard to check out all the good smells. She is a fearful with new people, but comes around quickly especially when bribed with …