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Adopt Max: a total cutie

Max is an adorable and lovable 9 month old black terrier. He may have some schnauzer in there, but he has more “other,” and he does shed some. Regardless of breed, he’s a total cutie! He had been flipped a few times via Craigslist ads, but we lucked out and were able to divert him …


Kiery was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Former adopters saw Kira’s sweet face and knew she was the one. She joins her fur-sister Fifi, who also came from our rescue, to live the good life with her wonderful new mom and dad. Many thanks to her foster family who took such care of Kira, and who shared the photos that caught the eye of her new family. Happy dance! 🎉🐶

Adopt Paris: a smart cookie

Paris is a darling 6 year old mini who recently developed diabetes and is on a small dose of insulin twice a day. Her prior owners are disabled and were not able to exercise her much so she’s going on a diet to drop a few unwanted pounds. She’s a really pretty girl and is …


Adopt Heidi: a sweet senior girl

 05/20/2015 – Heidi has been adopted!  Heidi is a super sweet senior girl. She doesn’t know what to do with toys, but she loves to play with her people and likes when the grandkids visit her foster mom. She is well house trained and knows how to use the doggy door, and will bark to go out …


Adopt Sunny: a playful boy

Sunny is a 3 ½ year old black and brown terrier mix. He would love to find a “forever” home with a family who will play with him and who maybe has a big fenced in backyard. He still has a lot of puppy energy and likes to play with other dogs, so he would …


Finn was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ This little guy, Finn (now called Frisco), arrived in rescue then very quickly found the perfect forever home where he has a mom and dad and two fun human siblings to love him and show him how great the world can be. This little dude is doing a happy dance every day! 🎉🐶💗

Tinsley was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Sometimes we truly can’t understand how a dog doesn’t get snapped up immediately. Tinsley was one of these mysteries – a darling young boy, but no inquiries. But then the perfect family arrived and now we get to see this cutie settled into an amazing loving home where he is truly cherished. Tinsley knew that his perfect placement was out there, and he waited patiently. Happy boy!! 🎉😊🐶

Molly – update and photo

What a difference love makes! 💕Molly, a timid, skinny little girl (left) who had been with us in rescue a while, was adopted about 6 months ago by a loving young couple who have shown Molly that love can cure all. The happy, healthy and outgoing Molly is on the right. This makes us sooooo happy! 😊🐶💕

Louie was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Louie had an incredible foster family who got him all ready for his forever home. He recently found that perfect home and now he has a wonderful mom, a new name – Nick, and a new brother named Mike (not pictured here). This calls for a happy dance!! 🎉🐶😊