Teddy was adopted!

 Happy Tail Teddy found his forever home! He has two awesome dads AND two new mini sibs – woohoo! 🎉 What fun this family will have with the 3 amigos. That calls for a happy dance don’t you think?!

Baxter was adopted!

 Happy Tail! Baxter found his perfect home last weekend. He has a wonderful new mom and a couple of canine siblings who were hard to corral for the photo. Ha! Let’s all do a happy dance for this cute little boy as he enjoys the good life now. 😄

Adopt Teddy: a friendly mini boy

 08/20/2015 – Teddy has been adopted!!!  Teddy, a 7 year old male mini, has been in his wonderful foster home for a couple of months learning what a loving home is all about. He came from a Houston shelter where he’d had surgery to remove bladder stones, and has been working on his skills with his foster …


Gucci was adopted!

 Happy Tail!!  Gucci has found his forever home! He joins a wonderful mom and dad, and also has a beautiful Bouvier sister named Birgit. Birgit was a puppy mill mama who was rescued by our friends at National Mill Dog Rescue. Gucci is a gentle boy and is helping his new sister feel more confident. …


Adopt Mazzie: a touching companion

Poor little Mazzie who had some terrible bladder stones removed and lost a number of teeth last week. Right when this was happening, we received a check for just over $1,200 from the t-shirt fundraiser. This paid for Mazzie’s surgery!! Mazzie and all of us here at the rescue want to thank everyone once more for helping …


Adopt Dixon: A joyful puppy

Dixon is a 5 month old puppy. What kind of puppy we are not totally sure (Jack Russell??) but he is a darned cute puppy and he is ready to be adopted. This little sweetie played with a toy yesterday while romping up and down the yard tossing the stuffed animal up in the air …