Piper was adopted!

 Happy Tail! We have had a wonderful week of adoptions, the most recent is Piper. This little cutie who came from a shelter in New Mexico will know nothing but love from here on out. 😄 Happy dance for Piper and her dad!! 🎉

Will was adopted!

 Happy Tail! We are so thrilled to share the happy news that sweet Will has found his forever home! Woohoo! He has a loving mom and dad, and a great new fur brother to have fun with. Will gets to live the life he always imagined! Exuberant happy dance for this shy yet incredibly loving boy 😃🎉

Darcy was adopted!

❤ Happy Tail!! ❤ Darcy has found her forever home! This little pure white girl has the most handsome pure black schnauzer brother, Oscar, and a mom and dad who couldn’t stop hugging and kissing her. We think this little princess has found her new and wonderful kingdom. Happy dance!! 🎉