Star was adopted!

Happy Tail! This is a tale of a woman and a dog coming into each other’s lives when they most needed each other. A week ago we picked up Star, who, due to changing family circumstances, needed to find a new home. At the same time, a woman who submitted an application after her beloved senior mini passed away, noting that she wanted to have her application in for when she was again ready to adopt, contacted us and said that she couldn’t bear the quiet home and empty spot on the bed any longer. It was love at first sight when Star (now named Emma Star) and her mom met at our vet’s office where Emma was getting spayed, teeth cleaned, and an unexpected huge bladder stone removed. Emma went home with her new forever mom last night. Emma is carrying on her brother’s Facebook page, so please go say hi to her at Love, Em & M. Happy dance for the happy mom and lucky pup!! 🎉😄

Colby, Kaiser, and Gracie were adopted!

Triple Happy Tail!! We have such great news to share!! 14 year old Colby, who came to us after being dumped at a Kansas shelter, has found his forever home with a previous adopter. Colby’s new mom adopted Maximus from us a couple of years ago when Max was recuperating from some terrible neglect from his humans. He is so healthy and happy now, and one of the most gorgeous minis around. Buit wait….this amazing woman has also taken Gracie and Kaiser into a forever foster setting. As you may recall, this senior bonded pair came to us well over a year ago when their person went into assisted living. The pair were never worried though, they knew that one of these days the perfect home would open to them. And boy did it!!. Elated happy dancing all over the place! Woohoo!!! 😄

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Adopt Scout: a smart little fella

This is Scout. Still in Wichita Kansas but on the way to Overland Park Kansas for his short term foster stay in about 9 days. 8 years young. The owners are unable to keep him any longer. Scout can sit, stay (as long as he is not distracted), shake, “high-five”, and roll over. More info …


Ricky & Lucy were adopted!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… it gets even better. Another Happy Tail!! Lucy and Ricky, the sweet bonded pair who were found running as strays in Oklahoma and transported to us by the veterinarian who found them, have been adopted. Hurray for these cuties. They’ll have their happily ever after here in Colorado. Yippee!!!


Joey was adopted!

We have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster called rescue recently, but this weekend brought the smiles back. Joey was adopted to a wonderful previous adopter.

For those of you who don’t know Joey, he came from a puppy mill about 6 years ago at about 5 years old. He was terrified of people, not house trained, and very stressed. It took time just to get him to trust me. Over the years, he was adopted and returned 3 times. One home lasted only overnight, another almost two whole years. Each time he returned to rescue.

Almost 4 months ago he went into a wonderful new foster home that prepared him to be adopted. We look forward to hearing about his new experiences with his new dad, and can’t thank the foster family enough for making Joey’s new life possible!

Woohoo….happy dance for Joey boy!!!

Opal & Pluto – update and photo

We received this wonderful Happy Tail update about Opal and Pluto, who are now Bo and Missy

Hi, just wanted to say that they are doing awesome and we love them. They bring lots of joy to our house. Just wish we knew more about them because of some of the things that they do it is like someone worked with them and trained them. They are so close and how they look out for each other. They love to play out doors and chase birds and tree the squirrels in the back yard. We play keep away with toys and just run the back yard. Bo loves to tug at Missy to get her off of the step. He is always trying to bite her on the leg or ear just anything to get her to play with him. But come nap time they make themselves at home and nap where ever they want:} They also like to get into Rick’s garden beds and check out the radishes and cucumbers. They are really a joy and are loved.

This makes our hearts happy 

Max was adopted!

Happy Tail!! Max has found a wonderful new mom and forever home. His mom walks 5 miles a day so we think she will be able to burn off all his puppy energy! And he has a dog park very nearby. Seems like Max won the rescue lottery!! Woohoo! 😄