Dunkirk’s leg surgery updates

Wondering what’s up with sweet Dunkirk? We have updates. Read on… 02/20/2015 – Here is Dunkirk taking his last pre-surgery jaunt in the grass, waiting for sedation, and seeing the surgeon coming in. Dunkirk’s surgery to repair his broken front left leg was on Thursday the 19th. We truly appreciate the generous donations we have received to …


About Fozi Bear… :)

Fozi’s mom (and Facebook admin) checking in……… It’s been 2 weeks since we said goodbye to little Fozi, and you all have grieved with us. I promise I will reply to each of your incredibly loving comments, but thought I’d start with this general thank you for all of your heartfelt support. What a wonderful …


Josie update and photo

Another wonderful update from one of our rescue alums 
Greetings from little Josie! We adopted Josie in Colorado and then moved back home to California. We are now in the city of Murrieta and loving it. Josie has a massive backyard all to herself that she explores everyday. We also go to the farmers market on Sunday where everyone asks if they can stop and pet her. This picture I posted is of her while I’m studying. She REALLY doesn’t like when I stop paying attention to her, as you can tell. Hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for all you do!

About Heartworm Treatment

We have had a number of heartworm positive dogs come into our rescue in recent months. It seemed like a good time to share some facts about heartworm. Bottom line, it’s not something to be fearful of when considering adding a heartworm positive dog to your pack. We have pulled some information from the PetMD …