Oreo was adopted!

Happy Tail! Oreo, now called Zeek, sneaked into the schnauzer rescue then quickly found his forever home. His people adore him and take him everywhere with them, so his dream came true…. belly rubs anytime he wants them!! 😁 This sweet little cookie will have the best life 🎉💕🐶

Lola was adopted!

Happy Tail! Lola was in rescue for just a blink before an applicant and former adopter met her and fell in love. She fits in perfectly with her schnauzer siblings, and…..she’s training already to be a therapy dog who will visit patients in the hospital! What a wonderful life this little girl is going to have! 🐶💕🎉

ps, she was “wrapped in love” with her beautiful blanket made by the volunteers of WIL – Colorado 😍

Snoopy was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Snoopy’s mom became very ill so the family reached out to rescue. Almost simultaneously an application had moved to the top of the pile that looked perfect. And it was! Snoopy, on the left, joins this loving couple who are healing his heart with lots of love, and he has a beautiful fur sister to play with. Happy dance for sweet Snoopy! 🎉🐶💕😁

Chloe was adopted!

Happy Tail! Chloe came to rescue from a local shelter after being deemed “nippy.” Well, while shelter life wasn’t her gig, she’s totally thriving in the home of some former adopters with a Vintage alum, Curly, showing her the ropes. The family reports that it’s as if Chloe has always been there she’s so comfortable. Hurray for this cutie!! 🎉🐶💕

Shotzie was adopted!

Happy Tail! Shotzie came from an out of state shelter where a rescue partner pulled him and fostered him. She fell in love with him. Then his foster mom in Colorado fell in love with him. Then his new mom saw him and fell in love too. This lucky boy joins a lovely home where he has an awesome mom, a schnauzer brother and scottie sister. Wilson is going to have a wonderful life! Woohoo!! 🎉 🐶😊💕

Holly was adopted!

Happy Tail! Holly recently found her forever home. But wait, doesn’t that pooch on the right look familiar? Yep, Olive, who was just recently adopted from our rescue, told her parents that she needed a pal, so they met Holly, who had just recently come to us from a shelter, and the girls are now sisters. Happy dance for these cuties!!

Whiskey was adopted!

Happy Tail! Whiskey came into rescue as a stray with a dislocated hip. One of the wonderful vets at Chatfield Veterinary was able to pop the hip back into it’s socket then she took him in as her foster so that she could monitor his hip. He started with hobbles on his back legs to keep them from pulling that hip, and each week he got stronger. He had all sorts of adventures, even a camping trip in Utah! Then this couple met this cutie and fell in love 💜 and Whiskey Moon Pie became Oliver and he’s off on his new forever family adventure. Woohoo! 🎉💕🐶

Thanks to Kara, Heather, and Chatfield for helping make this happy tail possible!

Ethel & Socks were adopted!

Happy Tails!! When these ladies saw Ethel, they fell in love. They had lost their beloved dog last year and just weren’t ready to think of another dog yet…until Ethel’s beautiful one-eyed face and heartwarming story appeared. But wait, they next saw Sock’s photo and fell for him too. What to do, what to do?? Well….they adopted BOTH!! Woohoo! These little doggies are going to have the best life ever and were dearly loved the moment they met their new family. Happy tails for sure! 🎉🐶💕🐶

Pip was adopted!

Happy Tail! Little Pip found her dream home. This young cutie is full of life and puppy energy and is already making her new family laugh. She starts training classes next week, and smart girl that she is, we know that she’s going to be a star. Pip – Pip – Hurray!!!! 🎉💕🐶😊