Daphne was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ It’s the day after a holiday, so an extra happy tail seems in order. 😄

Sweet Daphne came back to us after about 6 years when her people’s marriage dissolved and life changed too much for them to keep this little lady. Daphne had come from a puppy mill when we first got her years ago, and her people had worked wonders with her over the years, making her a much more confident and happy girl. Well, our adopters saw her and wanted to meet her, and it was a match made in heaven. Daphne is living the good life with a lovely couple who had recently lost their schnauzer. They needed the pitter patter of schnauzer paws in the house again, and this mellow girl who adores going on walks with her peeps, fit that bill. Hurray for Daphne and second chances!! 🎉🐶💕🐾

Chopper was adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail! ❤️ Chopper has landed in a wonderful home where he’ll get so much attention, and best of all, his new people love taking lots of walks! Woohoo!! Here’s to a terrific new life sweet boy 💕🐶🐾

Milo & Shadow were adopted!

❤️ Happy Tail x 2! ❤️ These two wonderful guys have followed us on the Facebook page for some time. They commented, liked, and shared posts, but one day they decided that they wanted to do more, so they submitted a foster application. We spoke and they said they’d like to foster an older or special needs dog. We took Milo, 11 years old who was surrendered when his people couldn’t afford his vet bills, and Shadow, a sweet 7 year old with diabetes and the associated vision loss. Both dogs played and ran in the backyard and the guys decided that fostering both would be perfect! Things went great….so great actually that this story turned out to be a “foster awesome” and Milo and Shadow have become official members of the gentle pack of fellow rescues! Woohoo!!!

Mickey & Minnie were adopted!

 Happy Tails!  We frequently say there is a perfect family for every dog, sometimes, especially with pairs, it just takes a little longer. So we are very happy to report that it was finally Mickey & Minnie’s turn to realize their dream of a forever family. This young pair will get so much love and attention for the rest of their lives. Happy puppy dance! 🎉💃🏻🐾

Bonnie was adopted!


❤❤ Happy Tail! ❤ Beautiful Bonnie found her forever home!! She gets a wonderful mom and two new canine brothers. What an awesome trio of schnauzzies! Happy Friday adoption dance 💃🏻 🐾🐶

Rocky was adopted!

Happy Tail! Rocky’s family was faced with a painful decision when they had to move onto a military base and could only bring two of their pets. They sought an exemption from the rule, but no go. They reached out to us and made sure they completely understood our adoption process. It broke their hearts to have to part with Rocky, but they were happy to hear that their boy was adopted almost immediately by some wonderful former adopters. The prior adopters fell in love with Rocky right away. A bittersweet beginning, but a happy ending for this cutie. 🐾💕🐶

Reed was adopted!

Happy Tail! This sweet boy came from Texas – fearful, heartworm positive, and in need of a new start. We got him all vetted, heartworm treated, and into a wonderful foster home. And just look what a difference love makes! Reed, now called Jerry, has become a beloved family member and has a future full of snuggles and loving care. Hurray for Jerry! 🎉💕🐶

Porter was adopted!

 Happy Tail!  Porter and his new dad are inseparable! This sweet little senior doggie found himself displaced when his owners moved in with family and the other dogs weren’t nice to him. His new dad had lost his best doggie friend recently and he was having a hard time finding his smile again. Then he and Porter met and the match was perfect. These two bachelors have got each other’s backs now!! 💕🐶🎉

Theo was adopted!

Happy Tail! Theo’s foster family got him all ready for his forever home, and last week he found that perfect home. He has a wonderful new mom and a human sister. He also has a cute westie fur brother. Happy dance for sweet Theo who knew patience would pay off 💕🐶💕

Lily was adopted!

Happy Tail! A previous adopter recently lost her friend and was so sad. Then she saw Lily and realized she was ready for a new doggie. But she now lives in Arizona, so the challenge was on to figure out how to get Lily south. It fell into place all of a sudden when our friend Kaitlin called and said she happened to be driving to AZ! Perfect! So along with a new forever home, Lily also had a wonderful several day road trip through the southwest.

And Lily goes into her new life with her pretty handmade blanket thanks to the volunteers at Wrapped in Love – Colorado. 💕💕