Rescue Diary: Summary of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we are so happy to reflect on all that was accomplished this year with the help of several new volunteers. You can follow us on Facebook at Colorado Miniature Schnauzer Rescue and Vintage Dog Rescue. On our Facebook page, we share information about our new rescue dogs, adoption pictures …


Zelda was adopted!

 Happy Tail! Zelda, a 13 year old girl who ended up at a shelter in another state after being seized in a hoarding case, has gone to live with a wonderful forever family. This little senior may have seen some rough times in her past, but she romped and played with her two larger rescued fur siblings like she was a puppy. She would rear up on her back legs and paw at the air in excitement. She’s off to be cherished like all dogs should be! Yippee for happy little Zelda!!

Opal & Pluto – update and photo

We received this wonderful Happy Tail update about Opal and Pluto, who are now Bo and Missy

Hi, just wanted to say that they are doing awesome and we love them. They bring lots of joy to our house. Just wish we knew more about them because of some of the things that they do it is like someone worked with them and trained them. They are so close and how they look out for each other. They love to play out doors and chase birds and tree the squirrels in the back yard. We play keep away with toys and just run the back yard. Bo loves to tug at Missy to get her off of the step. He is always trying to bite her on the leg or ear just anything to get her to play with him. But come nap time they make themselves at home and nap where ever they want:} They also like to get into Rick’s garden beds and check out the radishes and cucumbers. They are really a joy and are loved.

This makes our hearts happy 

About Heartworm Treatment

We have had a number of heartworm positive dogs come into our rescue in recent months. It seemed like a good time to share some facts about heartworm. Bottom line, it’s not something to be fearful of when considering adding a heartworm positive dog to your pack. We have pulled some information from the PetMD …