Elsa was adopted!

Happy Tail  Elsa got her Christmas wish  a loving forever home…..dreams do come true. Woohoo!!!

Milo and Devo were adopted!

 Here is the official Happy Tail for Milo and Devo!!   The adorable brothers were adopted on Monday night. They now have a canine and a human sister to play with, and a huge fenced backyard to run in. Can we get a happy dance for this lucky duo?!?  Woohoo!!

Wags was adopted!

Happy Tail!  Wags has found his forever home. He’ll be living the good life now with his new mom and dad. Happy dance for Wags and family!!

Boomer was adopted!

 Happy Tail!!  Remember young Boomer? Well, shortly after we posted his photo, he found his forever home . His mom has had 3 black minis over the years, and says that her life feels complete once more with “Boom chick a Boom” in it. We love to hear that, and will do a special happy dance to celebrate Boom and his new family! 

Wally was adopted!

Happy Tail!  Remember Wally who recently went into a foster home after almost a year with us in rescue?? Well, great news… his foster home is now his forever home, and, as you can see in this photo, his new buddy is the family cat!  Hurray for Wally, and thanks to all our fosters and adopters!